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Grout Cleaning

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According to google analytics, this internet bastion of infotainment has had 18 visits from 17 visitors. I’m not writing to complain about ridiculously low number of visitors to Stuff Steve Likes. I don’t have many visitors for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I have diligently avoided writing about stuff that I like with the exception of a couple of posts last year regarding the tv show So You Think You Can Dance. However, and most unfortunately, I stopped liking So You Think You Can Dance shortly after publishing my second post on the subject. Yes, there were problems with the show itself, but those problems did not influence my overall opinion. What indelibly altered my relationship with the aforementioned reality tv series on Fox was the difficulty that I had and apparently still have in correctly typing its absurdly long name. Typing it is awkward and stupid and I swear to you that I will never type it again. Of course, if this post suddenly vaults me to the search engines results page for a frequently searched term, I just might reconsider.

Secondly, I have done nothing to promote this site. If you use yahoo’s site explorer tool, you’ll see that I have exactly zero external links pointing to my site. Fun stuff. For the time being, I’m not going to do anything to promote Stuff Steve Likes. I might try increasing my post frequency and the length of my posts to see if I start ranking for the odd long tail keyword.

I noticed that the grout in my shower is getting a bit dingy. Dingy doesn’t look like it’s spelled correctly, right? It is. I just looked it up. Anyway, my shower could stand a good round of grout cleaning.

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March 26th, 2009 at 11:07 am

Executive Desk

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By nature I’m entrepreneurial. I’m always looking for the opportunity in any given situation. Unfortunately, I also had a large hangup over failure. My issue with failure probably started with my very first business venture.

When I was in 5th grade the cool recess sport was kickball. For the uninitiated, kickball is similar to baseball. It is generally played on a softball or baseball diamond, but instead of a baseball, you play with a 10 – 16 inch inflated rubber ball. And instead of swinging a bat, you kick the ball after the pitcher rolls it to you. I never played little league baseball, but several of my friends did and I always found myself being vaguely jealous of their personal baseball cards. Then one day it hit me. I should make and sell personal kickball cards. Baseball cards go hand in hand with baseball. Obviously, the popularity of kickball demonstrated a market for kickball cards. Immediately after I came up with the idea, I had visions of being a celebrated kickball card tycoon running my empire behind a large executive desk.

I didn’t have any equipment or capital resources so I needed partners. One of my friends had a camera and agreed to do portraits. Another friend had a miniature safe that could fit in his school desk. This meant we could start taking orders and our customers knew their money was secure until they received their product. The idea was a hit. Everyone in my class filled out an order form and gave my partners and me their money. I should have handled the success better.

I suspect the long line of students that had formed in front of my order processing station piqued the interest of the school’s faculty. My nosy teacher interviewed some of my peers and I was caught. Apparently, I wasn’t allowed to sell anything on school property. Not only was this a lesson in having a business fail, it was also I lesson in hypocrisy because companies came in and sold stuff to students all the time. Seriously, Scholastic hawked their wares on a bi-monthly basis. Anyway, I got in trouble and I had to endure the embarrassment of giving all the money back. I was devastated. Well, until I started selling my Western Civ homework in high school. This time I kept the operation on the DL.

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March 18th, 2009 at 8:37 am

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Breakfast Nook

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There is an extension to my kitchen in the shape of a regular hexagon that I guess some people call a breakfast nook. I should be more precise. In fact, the extension is only half of a regular hexagon. We have a round table with four chairs in this area where we eat 99.9% of our meals. It’s pretty much perfect for my little family. The kitchen is on the eastern side of the house. Consequently, we got plenty of sunlight in the morning. Some times too much light. My designated seat is the one that faces in a south-easterly direction. If we eat breakfast between the hours of 8:00AM and 10:00AM, the sun is poking me in the eye for the entire meal. I’m thinking about trading spots with the two-year old. She won’t mind, and if she does, I’ll distract her with some bits of paper.

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March 5th, 2009 at 9:14 am

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