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Friendster’s Revenge

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So I should not clicked on that Friendster email from last week. And I definitely should not have allowed gmail to download DarJen’s picture because now I’m getting two or three pieces of spam from Friendster daily. “Just flag Friendster emails as spam by default,” you say. But what if my long lost friend from first grade, Travis, tried to get a hold of me using Friendster? If Friendster email automatically got dumped into my spam folder, Travis would remain lost forever or until he got motivated and found me on Facebook. The point still stands. “And what point is that,” you ask.

The point is this. I am adept at ignoring this blog. I could be delighting the world with my rapier-like whit or prognosticating about tomorrow’s woes or good times with remarkable accuracy. Instead, I spend my free time watching artistic wonders like Smallville. “Again, what is your point,” you implore. I used to view myself as someone with something to say about everything. Unfortunately, I have very little to say about most things. And when you’re expected to say something about anything at all and you can’t, you start forcing the issue. Like writing about spam and now writing about the consequences of writing about spam, which is that you tend to get more spam, either because of some direct indicator sent by you and received by the spammers that you’re a spam reader or that God enjoys reading about your localized interaction with spam.

I still haven’t gotten to my point yet, but I’m close or at least closer. Because I’m expected to have something to say about anything and, in reality, have nothing to same about most things, I’m pleased to announce a new feature on this heretofore featureless blog. On semi-quasi irregular basis I will be pointing out a random website. What makes a website qualified to mentioned here? Almost nothing. At least one person must find it informative and/or entertaining and since the creators of these websites generally fall under that category, virtually all websites out there will qualify. Of course, any page written by a robot will be automatically disqualified by my web page recommendation robot. I won’t even have to trouble myself to go to that web page before I recommend it to you, dear reader.

The first random web page that I’m mentioning on this site is Shiny Glass over at The site is relatively new, but already informative. For example, I learned that a company called Blenko Glass is going out of business because it lost a legal battle with one of its suppliers. Too bad for Blenko that its supplier doesn’t follow my golden rule of customer service, which is I try to lose almost all of my legal battles that I have with any of my customers.

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February 17th, 2009 at 7:39 pm

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