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iPhone Alarm

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For the most part the iPhone 3G with 2.1 software is very cool.  Like the rest of the software the alarm clock function is very cool… for the most part.  It’s super easy to add a new alarm.  You have a bunch of alarm sounds by default and if the default sounds fail to tickle your fancy, you can use any ring tone that you have as a custom alarm sound. claims that you have “full access to your iTunes library.”  It’s not obvious to me how you set an iTune song as an alarm sound.  Damn you

Anyway, I said that the alarm function was mostly cool.  I’ve been using the alarm for about a week now and in that time I’ve expected the alarm to sound about 22 times.  In actuality, the alarm has only gone off 17 times.  Obviously, this is an unacceptably low success rate.  The alarm that fails the most often is the alarm that is supposed to wake me up.  I think this suggests the iPhone itself is not waking out of standby properly.

A cursory Google search revealed that not many people are having this problem.  Does your iPhone’s alarm fail to go off if it has been inactive for several hours?

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Written by Steve

October 5th, 2008 at 6:56 pm

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